Address Type


Address Type

The various addresses that are stored within TLP are designated an Address Type which enables more direct searching at various stages within TLP. For example an address type of Container Park allows us to display a list of Container Parks when applying the appropriate container park address to a container job.

Your system is provided with a set of address types as shown in the screen below.

These types are used as follows;

Company These are your company addresses (eg: depot addresses)
Container Parks These are the addresses of the container parks you may use.
Customer These are physical freight collection and delivery points of your customers.
External These are miscellaneous collection or delivery points.
Port These are addresses of the various ports you may use. Generally these will be either sea, air or metro ports.
Postal These are postal addresses and are used for invoicing purposes.
Sub-Contractor These are addresses of the Sub-Contractors who carry out work for you.

These are the main address types used by the system and you have no need to add others. However if you wish to have a more detailed grouping (eg: Farms as against City addresses) then you can add these by clicking on the Add New button. This will open up a window that enables you to enter an address type, this being the only field you can enter here.